Tomorrow I’m Going Live With Rebecca Minkoff + Exclusive 35% Off For You

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you know that everyday I share a photo and video of a bag from my collection for my new #stayhomewithbags series. I tell you the backstory of the bag and give you the details on why I like that specific bag.  This time at home has forced me to review my collection and shop my own closet. Many of my bags have a story, but some are incredibly special to me – they take me right back to a moment that was monumental in my life. Today I am sharing a bag from Rebecca Minkoff, who was the first designer I ever met and is still my friend to this day.

Rebecca and I have been on this journey together, we both started 15 years ago and we’ve been together for big moments. You named yourselves the Minkettes, and she created items just for you. You wanted to chat with her, so she came onto our forums to hold talks. We’ve done bag collaborations, special orders, and more.

In the spirit of changing it up and offering something different, tomorrow at 3:30 pm EST Rebecca and I will be going live on Instagram to chat bags and life! We’d love to have you guys tune in while we chat. Feel free to ask us questions tomorrow so we can answer!

When: Thursday, April 30th at 3:30 PM EST
Where: Instagram Live. Simply hop onto Instagram and look on the top bar to see our names and tap to watch!

Right now, Rebecca is also extending a great offer for PurseBlog and PurseForum readers only. You can receive 35% off your purchase on Simply enter Code: RMPURSEBLOG35 at checkout. Also, here’s a new style I’m digging that you should checkout, the M.A.B Crossbody.

Shop Rebecca Minkoff at 35% Off Now!

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