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Encouraging the simple art of living well through better lifestyle choices and socially conscious products.

Earth Stone Bracelets

Friendship bracelets are nice, beaded bracelets are pretty, but nothing beats a really well-made, quality bracelet that you can wear on a range of social occasions that matches your style. We are proud to offer a small selection of stylish, environmentally-friendly, limited edition bracelets. All our bracelets have embedded earth stones with profound meanings that travels with you, wherever you go in your life’s journey.

Earth Stone Bracelets believe in the art of living well by reducing waste and selling environmentally-friendly products. Avoid fast fashion – buy products that are affordable, durable, beautiful that would last you stylishly for years. The environment will thank you. When you purchase from us, you will be proud to own and wear these quality, artisanal bracelets for years to come.

Artisanal, Handcrafted Bracelets with Meaning

Products are represented in the photos as accurately as possible. Due to the natural cut and color of earth stones, uniqueness of each bracelet, there will inevitably be discrepancies between the actual product delivered and the product represented in these images.

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