Mini Review: Chanel Boy Bag

Bag 10 of #stayhomewithbags is my Chanel Boy Bag. When this bag was released, I was immediately drawn in by its laid-back, cool girl vibe. Of course classic black leather would have been the safest way to go (both in style and ease of wear), but I opted for something different and settled on this sueded calf leather version from Pre-Fall 2013.

There’s this cool effect on the bag, especially when you see it in person, as the light hued leather has touches of metallic which brings this bag to life. When I’ve shared it before, many of you have said it looks dirty, but if you were to see it in person, I think you’d feel differently. However, a light sueded calf leather bag is far more fragile and susceptible to picking up color and showing wear (check the photo below, I experienced denim color transfer!). That’s an important point to bring up when you’re shopping for bags – think of the material and how usable it will be for your life. While beautiful (truly, I think this bag is a stunner), I’m wary of carrying it and ruining it more.

This is the old Medium Boy Bag, and I find it too small for my personal style and needs. The other downside of the Boy Bag, is because it’s so structured, the bag doesn’t give, so you need to plan your items accordingly. While I love the Boy Bag style, and much prefer it over the Classic Flap, I find my Reissue more versatile in my collection. There is a Boy Bag for everyone if you fancy the style, with multiple sizes and more colorways and materials than one could desire. We have a comprehensive Chanel Boy Bag Guide as well as an International Chanel Boy Bag Price Guide. As Chanel doesn’t sell its bags online, I’d suggest checking out Fashionphile for its offerings!

Watch my video on my Chanel Boy Bag here!

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