Mini Review: Hermès Birkin

Hello, gorgeous! When we started our site, I hoped that by the time I was 40, I could afford a Birkin. That day came much sooner than I ever dreamed of, and I guess I wasn’t mentally prepared for what spending $10,000 on a luxury bag and some accessories would feel like. The truth is, I felt sick to my stomach!

But soon that feeling passed, and my first Birkin is a bag that holds so much meaning to me. I am proud that I could pay for this with money I made from this business that we created, and I knew I wanted an Hermès 30 cm Blue Jean Birkin with Palladium Hardware. When it was located for me, it felt like handbag fate. The Togo leather is beautiful – I mean look at the picture above! This bag is pristine because I don’t carry her much at all. I’m really a size 35 Birkin girl, and this one being a 30cm is just a bit too small for my frame and daily needs. If you feel like being my bag twin and grabbing a Blue Jean Birkin, check out the offerings at Fashionphile!

Learn more about how I scored my first Hermès Birkin!

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