The Best Printed Bags for Summer 2020

I love to wear bold printed bags, especially during the warmer summer months. I have always been a fan of statement bags and nothing in my wardrobe makes me smile quite like a printed handbag. An easy way to elevate your look, a bold design on your handbag is a simple and effective way to update your style and make a statement.

Whether you are wearing your bold bag with a neutral dress, jeans and a tank top, or biker shorts and an oversized tee, you can rock printed bags with a variety of looks this summer. I tend to wear my bold prints with neutral clothing pieces, but if you feel especially daring you could always mix and match prints for a unique ensemble. Bold prints are abundant in mini bags, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a wide array of sizes in stand out prints when I was shopping online.

I’ve rounded up my favorite bold and bright printed bags for summer below, and with a bag at every price point, what are you adding to your cart?

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