Tuesday Shoesday: I Can’t Stop Thinking About These $1,200 Chanel Sandals

Earlier this month we dedicated an entire post to the sporty sandal trend. This trend has been picking up steam for a few seasons now, and though nearly every contemporary and luxury designer is producing some sort of sporty sandal, let’s not forget that the originals—think Birkenstock and Teva have been around for decades.

Birkenstocks have always been my go-to for comfort. In fact, when I began struggling with foot problems as a teen my doctor recommended them. I’ve been wearing them for over 15 years, and while they’ve gone through periods in the past of trending, the popularity of them now is impossible to ignore.

The uptick in this trend can be traced back to a couple of years ago, when the ‘dad sandal’ trend began picking up steam, making its appearance on runways and eventually on the feet of fashion girls around the globe. One of the most coveted pairs, and truthfully the pair I had in mind when I wrote my original piece on sporty sandals, is the Chanel Velcro Platform Sandal. I have to be honest—I cannot stop thinking about them.

image via @karenbritchick

Chanel first released a version of the chunky sandal on its spring 2016 runway, and while I’ve known of their uber-trendy existence, I’ve paid the shoes no mind. I had (and have) not ever splurged on a pair of designer shoes. I’ve always kept my big purchases to bags and occasionally accessories, and though I have a laundry list of designer goodies I’d adorn my feet with if my funds were unlimited, it’s very rare that I actually consider splurging on a pair of shoes. Until now.

I never imagined that my first Chanel purchase would be a pair of sandals that cost more than half of my New York City rent, but I have to be honest, I cannot stop thinking about them. Love them or hate them (really there’s no in between), you cannot deny the comfort level of a sandal like this, and personally the use I would get out of them is enough for me to consider pulling the trigger.

I turned 30 in May and have yet to buy myself something to commemorate this milestone in my life. I have a few things in mind, but overwhelmingly I keep coming back to these sandals. They sit on my mood board, pop up on my social media feeds and come to mind when I’m putting together an outfit for the day. Though they’re offered in a few different varieties I’m largely attracted to the dark denim pair. They seem to be mostly sold out, but I’ve already contacted an advisor at Chanel as well as a personal shopper to try to find them. Additionally, there are a lot selling via the secondary market. Shop now via Vestiaire Collective.

What are your thoughts on a mega-splurge like this one? Would you wear these sandals?

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