Proof That “Granny Panties” Can Actually Be Cool

In 2015, The New York Times published a story titled “Women Say No to Thongs.” The opening image featured two young women looking back over their shoulders, sporting sweatshirts and high-waisted, full-bottom underwear (emblazoned with the word “Feminist,” no less). The opening line reads, “A young generation of women is discovering a new brand of sexy in the most unlikely of places: their grandmothers’ underwear drawers.” The remainder of the story investigates the fashion phenomenon that is the resurgence of “granny panties,” full-coverage undergarments that, while once frowned upon by younger generations, have reemerged—much like the embrace of Birkenstocks and fanny packs (as the article calls out and of which I am guilty)—within the new wave of cool-girl staples.

Not long after the laundry-day go-to found its footing among the fashion-minded set, the market picked up on the unlikely predilection and upped its offerings of full-bottom underwear (though even the Times notes how “mainstream lingerie companies have been slow to embrace”). Still, more and more independent brands are serving up silhouettes that provide high, full-coverage waistlines and no-nonsense fabrications. Earlier this year, French-American model and bona fide cool girl Camille Rowe confessed her penchant for granny panties to Who What Wear, explaining “myself included, and most of my French girlfriends—we’re really into a big cotton panty. That’s super sexy.”

Underneath it all, your underpinnings are a personal choice—serving your specific predilections and preferences or determined by what you happen to be wearing over them that day. And while our undergarments are less swayed by the look du jour, what is for certain is that granny panties have made a comeback. So if you’re looking for comfort that happens to be entirely fashion-forward and French girl–approved, it’s time to consider integrating granny panties back into your top drawer.

On board with granny panties? Keep scrolling to shop some of our favorites with a bit of visual inspiration as well.

These are incredibly soft.

Celebrity stylists love this specific cut.

So pretty with the floral pattern.

The dotted embroidery elevates these full-brief panties.

Traditional black is always a safe bet for an everyday option.

High-waisted are about as classic as they come.

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