Pisces Season is Here and We’ve Got Your Bagoscope

Pisces: February 19th – March 20th

Element: Water
Quality: Mutable
Bag: Gucci Embellished Marmont

Water signs are intense thinkers, they’re known for their creativity and you, Pieces, are quite the dreamer. Your thoughts are vivd and your imagination is intense, and you need a bag that shows off your expressive side. You are quite intuitive and you’re still able to think with your head instead of your heart though you love to dream. The ideal bag for you plays off of your uniqueness, and you need something that is the perfect combination of whimsical and romanic, yet smart and well thought out.

The Gucci Embellished Marmont is the perfect pick for you, Pisces. With its plush quilting and playful embellishments in sea green this bag is the one for you. The shape and silhouette is somewhat classic (you can’t go wrong with a good flap bag), which plays off of your intelligence and need for comfort. And yet, its novelty elements and whimsical twist calls to your fascination with the unconventional.

This bag is expressive, just like you Pieces, and though it’s still a bag which carries your daily needs, to you it’s more like a wearable piece of art. Overall this bag is as creative and imaginative as you are, and all the while it caters to your needs. You’re as loving and caring as you are creative and artistic Pieces, and you need a bag that caters to your nurturing side. A light weight bag that can be carried on the shoulder or crossbody, it can easily adapt to whatever mission Pisces has set forth on.

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