Sweet and Spicy Miso Edamame

These Sweet and Spicy Miso Edamame is the go-to snack that has us reaching for more!

We’re big fans of finger food, and there’s nothing like a delicious sticky snack worth rolling up your sleeves for. Also, when it comes to snacking sometimes the best things are actually much more simple than they seem. This recipe is a great example of this, easy to make, delicious, and only a few ingredients.

The ingredients used in this recipe may not be the most common pantry staples for most but are worth stocking up. Not only do they add big flavor and complexity to dishes, but they also have a long shelf-life when stored correctly.

Read your labels

For gluten allergies, make sure to use white and red miso that is gluten-free. Red miso frequently contains barley, wheat, and rye, so make sure to check the labels if you have gluten sensitivity. We have personally used Miso Masters Organic miso for years which is gluten-free and perfect for this recipe.

Sweet and Spicy Miso Edamame isn’t the only way to get the health benefits from adding miso to your diet. Try adding it to salad dressings, sauces, and glazes. You can even use it in baking!

Sweet and Spicy Miso Edamame | Nutrition Stripped


Miso boasts an impressive nutrient profile and is brimming with vitamins and minerals like manganese, vitamin K, copper, and zinc (17). Keep in mind that it’s also high in sodium, so keep consumption in moderation and pair with plenty of other fermented foods for best results.

For more information on gut health and incorporating more fermented foods into your diet, check out our article on improving Digestive Health with fermented foods.

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