Mini Review: Prada Nylon Backpack

Day 3 and bag 3 is one of the bags I’ve used most during this past year! Introducing one of my bag workhorses: my Prada Nylon Backback. This bag became my diaper bag after I had Vaughn and though it isn’t intended solely for that use, it worked magnificently.

This bag was a gift to Vlad a couple years ago from the team at Prada. I realized Vlad and our little guy would share the same initials when we settled on the name Vaughn. This backpack was destined to be turned into ‘the one’ when it came time to pick a diaper bag. Already having gone through the baby stage with Millie, I knew I didn’t need a diaper bag in the traditional sense of the word. I could make a backpack work for me and having my hands free is an added benefit.

I am a massive Prada Nylon fan. It’s lightweight, easy to clean, practical, usable, and most importantly, durable. I use the main compartment for all things baby: diapers, wipes, changes of clothes, toys, etc. The exterior front small zip compartment was “mine” for my card case, phone, and car keys. There are two long side pockets which can fit a bottle, and there’s one more small zip area on the front flap.

Prada was my first premiere designer love and will always be one of my favorite brands. I can’t speak highly enough about Prada Nylon, especially at a time like this when ease of cleaning is especially important. Also, if you want a bag personalized like this, Prada still offers the option on the men’s side with letters to personalize backpacks, luggage, etc. Shop this bag at (but reach out to a store when they open back up to ask about personalization if interested).

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