Mini Review: Givenchy Antigona

The Givency Antigona fan base is strong, very strong! When Kaitlin suggested the bag was on its way out, there was strong vocal pushback. Clearly, this bag is holding strong as in 2016 I also wondered if people were losing their interest in the Antigona. However, I have always had a soft spot for my Antigona and remember going back and forth attempting to pick the color that I wanted. While light pastel pink isn’t a color I typically would find myself carrying, it was the color for me. It’s light, airy, and feminine. The shape is a new age classic.

I’ve given a proper Givenchy Antigona review in our Purseonals category as well. While the shape is one that I adore (and let’s face it when picking a bag, aesthetics typically come first), this bag lacks in usability and functionality for me. First off, my size has a shoulder strap that can not be removed and it’s too short (now the straps are all removable and adjustable). The bag’s top handles wind up in my armpit, and that just isn’t the look or feel that I want. The top zip is chunky which actually makes opening and closing less seamless than majority of bags that I own. But that doesn’t turn me into an Antigona nay-sayer: I still am a fan and have heard that more recent versions of the bag and different sizes (with removable straps) work far better.

We have an Ultimate Givenchy Antigona Bag Guide if you’d like to find out more info. Also, Givenchy released Antigona Soft bags recently and those have my attention greatly – I can’t wait to get my hands on one! If you’re interested, you can shop Givenchy Antigona bags at Nordstrom.

Check out my video review here!

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