If You Had to Part Ways With One Bag Right Now, Which Would It Be?

Given our current economic climate, I, like so many others in our community, won’t be making any big purchases for a bit. While I’d like to be funny and joke here about the fact that I wouldn’t have anywhere to wear a new bag anyway, the truth is that shopping right now (and in the foreseeable future) is on the back-burner. While many of you already vowed to shop your own closets this year, some of you may also be using this time to re-evaluate your collections overall.

I did a big clean out last spring and sold 3 bags, but with everything going on in the world, I’ve mentally been assessing my current collection. After all, bags are just ‘stuff’ and if they don’t bring us joy we probably shouldn’t be keeping them around.

For the most part, my collection of handbags does spark joy within me, and I still feel a rush when I take most of them out of their dust bags to be used. I use all of my bags and I don’t have all that many bag-buying regrets sitting around (I’ve parted with them already), but I’ve still been re-evaluating my pieces. If I had to part with one bag from my collection right now, resale value aside, which would it be?

The answer for me is fairly easy, and it may surprise you. I’d easily part ways with my Black Gucci GG Marmont Flap Bag. While I like this bag, I really do, I’m just not in love with it. I still gets regular use from me though, as it’s incredibly easy to wear being that it’s black and can be dressed up or down. Yet at the same time, I feel as if I use it just to use it. It’s sort of neither here nor there for me, if that makes sense, and I would much prefer an everyday black bag that I adore versus one I just sort of tolerate.

I have nothing against this bag, in fact it’s hard to say if I actually regret buying it, because at the time I really wanted it and I enjoyed the rush of using it for a while. I would even still recommend this bag to someone who desperately wanted it—it’s under $2K, which these days is a plus, and additionally it’s functional and fashionable, yet for me it just doesn’t make my heart flutter when I’m pulling her out for use after a couple of weeks in storage.

I’ve actually debated selling this bag as it is in excellent condition, but I would only do so if I were to replace it with a similar style since I don’t own another everyday black bag. Financially it doesn’t make sense right now (and still didn’t prior to all of this) as I would have to put in a lot of extra cash, or sell two things, to replace the hole in my collection. If I could make an even trade work though, I know exactly what I’d buy—a Bottega Veneta Padded Casette Bag.

What about you guys? Whether you’d do this for a bit of extra cash or instead of purchasing a new bag outright, would make it more of a swap, which bag in your collection would you say goodbye to right now?

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