Tuesday Shoesday: 5 Comfy Pairs I’ve Got My Eye On Right Now

Over the weekend I read an interesting article on Vogue.com, interviewing Italian fashion designer Massimo Giorgetti of MSGM. Giorgetti spoke about the uncertainty of fashion post-pandemic and his responses were interesting and thought-provoking. How will the fashion landscape look when all this is said and done? June’s collections will show how designers and brands were able to cope through all of this and what their inspirations will be.

Conversely, what will consumers want to see from fashion once we’re on the other side of this? Will fashion continue to be more paired down and minimilastic with a focus on comfort like it is now? Will sportswear and athleisure continue to reign or will consumers gravitate towards glitz and glamour as a reprieve from months of gloom and doom? Regardless of what’s to come, it’s evident now that most of us are focused on functional comfort.

Below I’ve rounded up a handful of shoes I’ve got my eye to wear now and beyond. Birkenstocks have been a go to of mine for years and I need to replace the pair I tossed last season. I do wear them around my apartment and they come in handy when walking down to the laundry or taking out the trash. That bonus shoe I teased? When COVID-19 was just a far-off worry I was lusting over a pair of Nike Jordans and I finally found them in my size via StockX. Ironically the pair I snagged were exclusive to Milan, as the colors are inspired by the Duomo, and I’ll keep the MLN hangtag on for a little Italian pride. Check out all of my picks below.

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