Aries Season Is Here and We’ve Got Your Bagoscope

Aries: March 21 – April 19

Element: Fire
Quality: Cardinal
Bag: Dior J’adior Flap Bag

Fire signs are known for being creative, innovative, natural born leaders, and Aries you’re just that. You’re not your average leader though, everything you do, you do so with intense purpose and fiery passion. You’re motivated, strong, and super ambitious. You’re not a follower, you’re a leader. You need a bag that is iconic and trendy, but strays from the crowd a bit. You want your bag to say a lot, but without all the fuss. That’s why the Dior J’adior Bag is the one for you Aries. In a stunning shade of fiery red, this bag is on-trend, coming from one of the hottest designers of the moment, yet it’s not seen on the arm of every influencer and celeb alike. While you might have considered a Dior Saddle Bag at first, your natural born instincts are to lead, not follow, and that ultimately means you’d go with the J’Adior Flap Bag.

You’re a hard worker Aries, but you also play hard and you enjoy being the life of the party. You’re easy going and you can get along well with lots of different people. You need a no fuss bag that will work with your ambitious side but cater to your need to play as well. With its high-quality construction, clean aesthetic and bold hardware, the J’adior Flap bag is exactly what you’re looking for. Offering a number of different ways to be carried, this bag works for an Aries’ ever-changing, and sometimes impulsive, lifestyle. You’re determined to get what you want and if this bag is it, make no mistake, it’ll soon be yours.

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