I Tried the Buzzy Facial Kourtney Kardashian Swears By for Perfect Skin

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Name: Paulina Galoostian, senior influencer marketing managerWho What Wear

What Did You Try? I tried the Diamond InstaFacial by Jason B. Diamond, MD, FACS, in Beverly Hills.

Why Did You Try It? I have seen Kourtney Kardashian and Olivia Culpo post about it multiple times, and they both have amazing, youthful skin. My goal for 2020 is to work toward preventative aging.

How Did You Prepare? According to Diamond, this procedure is great for all skin types. “The reason this procedure is so popular is because it’s good for everybody. I don’t think I’ve seen somebody who’s not a good candidate for it,” he explains. “It’s good for young people who are trying to maximize their skin texture and tone, and it’s good to help settle down breakouts and acne flare-ups, which a lot of young people deal with. It’s great for the aging population, too, because it addresses fine lines and improves skin elasticity and collagen production, which is what the aging face really needs to look its best.”  Since this facial includes a laser component, the first step was a consultation with Diamond to determine which laser would be best for my skin and also to assess the areas of my face that were showing any signs of aging.

What Happened During the Whole Process? There are four parts to the InstaFacial: lasering, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections made from my own blood, micro-needling, and a proprietary collagen mask that’s exclusive to Diamond’s practice.

Before we got started, Diamond applied a topical numbing cream to my face for about 30 minutes to make sure the entire process was pain-free.

We decided to go with the Clear + Brilliant laser, which Diamond says helps to resurface and exfoliate the skin.

After drawing the patient’s blood, Diamond puts it through a centrifuge, which separates the plasma cells. Those cells are then injected into the face, which Diamond says stimulates collagen production, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, and aids the skin’s ability to heal itself. This was the most uncomfortable part of the procedure.

Diamond says that the tiny punctures created by the micro-needling device also stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, in addition to improving the appearance of acne scars.

This soothing mask uses micronized collagen molecules to penetrate deep into the skin, which Diamond says ensures the best possible results.

Any Challenges? I was not able to wash my face until the following day, and sunscreen was a must! Diamond gave me a hat to wear once I left the office and insisted that I wear sunscreen for the entire week following the treatment. He also instructed me to use a vitamin C serum and moisturizer daily after washing my face.

Any Surprises? The recovery was seamless. I was even able to go straight to work when we finished. My skin felt like it was exfoliating itself for a few days after the treatment, but it did not look dry. It had a sandy texture that only I could notice, so moisturizing oil was my best friend all week.

How Did You Feel Afterward? What Kind of Changes Did You Notice? My skin looked very plump! The texture of my skin looked glazed and smooth, even two weeks after the treatment. The most noticeable change was around my laugh lines, where Diamond injected my plasma. The lines have dramatically softened.

What Did You Like About It? I liked that there was no recovery time.

What Did You Hate? The process was a bit long. It can take anywhere from one to two hours.

Would You Try It Again? I would! Diamond mentioned that celebrities and models sometimes come as often as once a month for this treatment.

Any Advice for Anyone Who’s Thinking About Trying It? This is not a cheap procedure, but you definitely get that celebrity glow. 

Editor’s note: Since this treatment is customized to individual patients’ needs, it’s best to reach out to Diamond’s office to determine pricing.

Up next, my friend looks 10 years younger than she is, so I did her skincare for five months.

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