Emma Stone Wore the Viral Amazon Coat With This 2020 Shoe Trend

Twenty-nineteen was a lot of things, one of them being the year of the Amazon coat, which first hit the scene the previous year. You know the one. It’s warm and green (but comes in other colors) and has lots of pockets and zippers, and it’s $140. The citizens of New York, Emma Stone being one of them (part-time, at least), were the first to really embrace it, and the rest of the country followed suit. Summer came, and everyone ditched their coats for bikinis, and now it’s winter and everyone is wearing the infamous Amazon coat again, including the aforementioned Stone.

The actress touched down in Greece this week, and the Orlay coat, which has nearly 10,000 favorable reviews at this point, she wore with her black pants was impossible to miss. To add to the comfort level of the look, she paired it with loafers, the 2020 flats trend that’s quickly heating up. (Side note: She also wore a baseball cap, another huge 2020 accessory trend.) So in case you still don’t have a warm, functional winter coat and want a little celebrity inspiration, keep scrolling to see how Emma Stone styled hers, and shop it for yourself.

On Emma Stone: Orlay Thickened Down Jacket in Green ($140)

Next up, affordable Amazon versions of the trends celebs are wearing.

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