Prada Men’s FW20 Unveiled a Couple Cool New Bags

While not all men find themselves inclined to carry a bag, nearly every dude I know would gladly take a Prada men’s bag. Yet when it comes to bags, strictly for men and for women has become a thing of the past, as majority of collections from both have been geared toward appealing to a broader audience.

Prada’s Men FW20 show graced Milan a couple weeks ago and while many were buzzing about the clothing and show space itself (Prada creates a world of beauty, in every detail) a couple new bags hit the runway and are worth sharing. There was a compact crossbody as well as a larger duffle amidst an incredibly new and youthful runway collection. Also, there’s a pair of sneakers that will surely be all the rage.

The duffle is incredibly cool, pairing durable nylon with leather accents around the logo and corners of the bag. While this could be used for the man on the go carrying his work items and gym items together, I see it as more of a weekender bag, perfect for short trips. The other design is a smaller crossbody in Saffiano leather with a nylon strap. This bag is the answer for the man who needs to carry things and doesn’t want to use his pockets, while also working perfectly for ladies as well.

When asked about the show, Mrs. Prada shared “Let me say what’s the point of this show, that in the big—not ‘confusion’—but the complication of the current time between the world going wrong or going better, the discussion on sexes, on surviving or not… I thought to give an indication that the only thing that makes me calm and optimistic is to give value to work… to give value to things that matter in your life and your work. And so the creativity is mixed with technicalities, which is a little bit similar to the Secessionist period when ideas, creativity, and actual work had to be all together.

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