Being brought into a work-at-home opportunity with “Medea S.r.l.” based in Italy. Already accepted their job offer to be their Construction Operator. Read a copy of this email they sent today; this is the next thing they’re having me do. Is this company genuine and legit? Or am I being conned?

Should I do everything they tell me? If this company is a fake, how would you know? Or how do you know they’re genuine, if they’re genuine? And when I get the check, should I just drive it to the bank and ask them to examine the check to make sure it’s genuine?

Email title: Assignment #2: Important. Please confirm.

Email body:

Dear (ENG-drei),

I am forwarding you the information about your next assignment and the information about your first client!

At first, you will be helping me work with our already existing customers for you to gain more knowledge and be able to negotiate and conclude deals in the future yourself. We have already the customer with whom we have been negotiating for the last few weeks, and now it is time to move forward to the most important part which is getting paid by the customer for further providing them the services they paid for. All in all, it is called a closure, and now you have a perfect chance to close your first deal, earn your first commission and prove to the company your reliability!

As per the Agreement terms with our clients, they are entitled to choose one of the following payment methods: via wire transfers, by check or a money transfer via P2P systems if there is a need to send money to our European branches. But our company can receive directly only several types of payments – wire transfers and money transfers via P2P systems. Our clients have also the right to make payment by check, and since US checks cannot be cashed overseas as expediently as it can be done in the USA, plus due to the fact that the network of our American banking subsidiaries is undeveloped yet and currently our US-European banking system is just being adjusted to work properly, we need this kind of assistance from our US representatives on an irregular basis. First of all, it helps to cater our customers’ needs in a most timely manner, and additionally our managers can have their commission and the whole company can have income in general. So initially, as part of your work duties, you will be assisting us with processing advance payments from our clients. Therefore, please take your time to read it carefully because it contains the step-by-step instructions and you, as the new employee, have the chance to demonstrate your diligence and productivity which will greatly aid your career in our company.

THE FIRST STAGE (the process of getting the payment): 1. Our customer receives an invoice for services they previously ordered in the form approved by our company, they negotiate the amount of the first payment; 2. From our part we are appointing you, as the responsible employee, to support this assignment and further customer’s payment processing; 3. Our client sends the payment and the copy of the invoice by mail through USPS to your home address, pre-paying for postage. The delivery takes 1-3 business days if there are no unintended delays (bad weather conditions, troubles in the USPS distribution centers, etc.)

Please see below full information about our customer who will send you the payment:

The check will be from: SOUTHEASTERN MARINE POWER LLC The sum on it: $1980.03

THE SECOND STAGE (the process of handling the payment): 1. As soon as you get the payment by check you should cash it. It is worth noting that based on our practice, Walmart or Check Cashing Desks do not always cash personal checks and out of state checks, and most importantly these institutions have been manifoldly accused of misuse of personal banking information the access to which they are given when they cash checks. Which is why we recommend you to process the payment at your or customer’s bank. You can also deposit the check if your bank does not allow you to cash the payment in 1 business day, this procedure usually takes up to 48 hours. 2. You take your commission as per terms of your salary-plus-commission remuneration system. 3. Once the check is fully cashed, you should send me a notice of funds availability. Then I will prepare further instructions (how and where to send the funds to) in accordance with the recommendations of our financial department. (Note: further instructions always depend on our financial department, client’s order and destination). Please don’t worry I’ll send you DETAILED instructions. At this point, it is highly important to transfer the funds and officially seal the deal within 2 days since the money is available to you. 4. Once you receive the instructions, you should follow them and complete the assignment as soon as possible and send the report to me. All transaction fees are paid from the amount received.

This concludes the overview of your second assignment. Please, confirm you have read and understood these guidelines. We greatly appreciate your fast and timely performance in financial services and hope you will complete the assignment faultlessly, since the customer we are giving you is quite a big and reputable American enterpreneur, so if we close this deal, there is high chance they might become our investors which will be extremely good for the company and you will be awarded a decent incentive for that! This process is time-tested, so no problems should occur if you strictly follow the instructions.

Sincerely, Personnel Manager (name redacted) tel: (redacted) Medea S.r.l.

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