Why Hotdesking Is the Post-Covid Office Solution

As we get closer to reopening commercial office spaces, it’s time to plan how we do it thoughtfully. Employees will want to feel safe. It’s up to employers and building managers to strategically develop floorplans, layouts, and office designs that reflect the new-normal. As we consider what’s best for everyone, including businesses’ bottom lines and workers’ health, hotdesking comes out on top as future-forward, intelligent design.

What makes hotdesk coworking an ideal solution for returning to the office is multifold. Most importantly, though, it will reassure your employees that they need to pack up their laptops, grab their morning coffee, and look forward to that morning commute.

What is Hotdesking?

Hotdesking supports a company ethos by adandoing outdated hierarchical private offices and corner executive spaces. In a 2018 CBRE survey, 52% of corporate real estate leaders said they planned to implement some level of unassigned seating because workspace often is underutilized. Think about all the flextime, vacation time, sick days, and personal days that keep staff out of the office. That’s excessive amounts of overhead going to waste every day. With hotdesking, employees find a desk where they can work each day they come to the office.

Hotdesking Modern Office Furniture Post-Covid

Workers will have a heightened need for cleanliness upon their return to work, and rightfully so. The concept of sharing space might be troublesome. However, there are ways to dissuade the fears and increase the safety and sanitation of your workplace.

Social distancing cubicles

Modular furniture designs, which make excellent call center cubicles, provide protective screens while still allowing for collaboration. Replete with protective screens for optimal shielding and inquisitive color options, they are easy to clean and ergonomic. Stunning hotdesking options will make the office cutting-edge and joyful.

Antimicrobial chairs

Extra measures will go a long way in garnering employee satisfaction and trust. Your hotdesk space will benefit from a biocidal, antifungal, antiviral & anti-odor, self-sanitizing mesh office chair collection.

Experience the copper mesh (or black) office chair collection and discover comfort and peace of mind that only chairs like these can provide.

Personal workspace

In addition, the desire for a personal workspace will be a necessity in the era of hotdesking A place where we can do deep work to complete a project will be part of the office landscape. In these touchdown spaces, required headspace is made possible with an acoustic privacy screen and multi-positional writing tablet for quiet and private working.

Privacy phone booths

Decked out with laminated, easy to clean safety glass, this acoustic office phone booth offers privacy for a call, a quick trip to Youtube, or a meditation session. Whatever you need to rejuvenate and get back to work. Acoustic felt interior for optimal acoustic performance motion-activated lighting and ventilation round out these office musts

The real bottom line of hotdesking is that it provides workers with what they want. Most importantly, that is office flexibility, cleanliness, and safety. And after a year that wasn’t necessarily easy on anyone’s bottom line, cutting overhead costs like extra square footage is an easy way to salvage your budget. Once you consider the modern office solutions that hotdesk spaces provide, you’ll see the investment is worth the effort.

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