Office Design Trends in 2021

Foretelling the future of office design trends has never been an easy task, and thanks to the global pandemic, the crystal ball has never been murkier than in 2021. With the arrival of a Covid-19 vaccine sooner than later, we may head back to the office before we expected. The excitement remote employees may experience at the thought of trading in bathrobes for gossip around the water cooler may be surprising. Crazier still is wondering what the office will be like upon our return.

Since work from home became the norm this year, we anticipate a significant shift to a more humancentric design in 2021. Not only have we become more creatures of habit with our ability to control personal workspace, but we’ve also been able to manage our exposure to viruses. “COVID-19 is fundamentally changing how offices look and operate. Despite the costs involved, workers’ well-being is driving the modifications.” Employers will want to make the necessary allowances to ensure staff feels safe, protected, and particularly cared for upon return to the workplace.

Office Design Trends We Look Forward to in 2021

Acoustic Furniture 

When we’re home, we have the power over what we hear. We choose to listen to music or work in silence, throw in some earbuds, or blast the speakers. Chatty Chad doesn’t sit one desk over and sniffling Sue works from her apartment. With beautiful and functional acoustic social distancing furniture, you’ll have a personal workspace and headspace replete with a multi-positioning writing tablet for a quiet space. This gorgeous furniture solution also boasts an acoustic privacy screen. 


StrongProject has touted the humancentric necessity for biophilia for years. Bringing plants into the workplace adds exceptional beauty and a sense of calm to an otherwise drab space. Modern offices that include plants, natural light, and other ingredients in Mother Nature’s recipe book are more conducive to a productive and happy workforce. The perk of nature is that you don’t need a major office design overhaul in 2021 to incorporate it, allowing a company on a tight budget to incorporate plants one at a time as the funds allow.


Humans love to be cozy. When designers think about office design trends for 2021, they consider the need for ergonomic office furniture in the workplace. Get your employees comfy and show them you want them to feel right at home by investing in an ergonomic chair. Studies show they are well worth the upfront cost. “Our bodies were not designed to stay in one position for long periods,” said Cindy Simmons, a physical therapist with Bon Secours InMotion. “Static postures result in reduced blood flow to muscles that hold the body in a fixed position.” 

Colorful Workstations

Another 2021 office design trend we expect—the introduction of workstations spread apart. Managers will make better use of office space than ever by having curved stations separated throughout the office for more privacy, less noise, and minimal exposure. 

After a year of walls, laptops, and masks, our scenery has seemed a little flat and lifeless. Humans crave shapes and vibrant colors for mental stimulation. With our chic modular workstations, you have a modern office furniture style at its finest while socially distanced for utmost protection. This curved workstation’s components are easy to sanitize. Best of all, you are close enough to coworkers to collaborate and feel like you’re really back to work. 

On the bright side of Covid-19, it’s forced us to look at creative options for existing office design flaws. What we can expect upon our return is a concerted effort to protect and uplift the workforce. When you think about it, all of us, from managers to interns, deserve nothing less.

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