What’s the Longest You’ve Ever Saved for a Bag?

A couple of weeks ago we published a Closet Confessionals titled “The Young NYC Investor Who Is Finally Learning How to Budget for Bags”. Our confessor discussed the ups and downs of liking bags from a young age and expressed how she’s finally beginning to learn how to budget for bags better. I related greatly to the post and especially identified with her sentiments towards saving for a holy grail bag.

I, like many others, am inspired by bags and trends that I see on social media and online. Every year I choose one (or two if I’m lucky) bags that I’ve been lusting for and add them to my collection. And while I have a holy grail bag in the back of my mind, I find it nearly impossible to start saving for it. Like our confessor, purchasing my ultimate holy-grail would mean foregoing the purchase of any new bags for around 2-3 years, and more if I caved and made a smaller bag purchase in the meantime.

Saving for my holy grail (an Hermès Kelly Mini) is doable, albeit daunting, but still I’ve been putting off sitting down and creating a savings plan for a couple of years now. I know that the longer I wait to start saving for my holy grail means the longer it will take for me to actually get the bag in my hands, but the thought of having to wait 3 years (or more) to acquire it seems intimidating. Additionally I worry about “missing out” on something else while I’m in the process of saving.

I do admit that I sometimes enjoy the thrill of an impulse buy, and maybe my need for instant gratification means I still have some growing up to do, but nonetheless I still can’t commit to a holy grail fund.

What’s the longest you’ve ever saved for a bag and do you have any advice on how to realistically make it work?

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