This or That: Bottega Veneta Envelope Clutch or The Pouch

The seemingly overnight success of Daniel Lee’s work for Bottega Veneta is one that simply cannot be ignored. It often takes a designer a few seasons to find their footing and get into a groove when they take over a post as creative director, but Lee has adapted to the role incredibly well. All the while he has developed a set of loyal followers and his bags are highly coveted.

The Pouch blew up almost immediately upon its release and even Bottega Veneta couldn’t have prepared for its popularity, as when the bag first debuted it sold out online almost everywhere. Now, the bag is available in a myriad of colors and sizes (check out our Bottega Veneta The Pouch Ultimate Bag Guide), and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down.

For Spring 2020, the brand introduced new versions of its cherished soft-sided clutch, allowing The Pouch to appeal to a broader audience. However there was another clutch that also appeared on the the runway as well, and we took notice when models cradled a more angular pouch-like bag.

The Envelope Clutch was introduced for Spring 2020, and though it’s lesser known than some of Lee’s other bags for Bottega Veneta, it’s equally as captivating. Like The Pouch, the Envelope clutch is incredibly unique in its shape and structure from what other bands are doing. Characterized by an origami like fold-over flap, this V-shaped fold is what gives the bag its name. Like The Pouch, this bag has a framed closure, but other than that its body is completely soft and slouchy. The Envelope clutch is a slightly slimmer silhouette as well and comes with an attached wrist strap. The Pouch typically retails for $2,700 in butter calf (though Nordstrom has a tan version listed for $2,400), but the Envelope Clutch retails for a bit less and will set you back $1,980.

Both bags serve a very similar purpose and at their core are comparable in shape and structure, but they also give off two different vibes entirely. If I had to pick one I’d go with the Envelope Clutch. I like the angular look it gives off and I also appreciate that it’s slightly less popular. Though a bag’s heavy presence alone has never deterred me from purchasing it, I’m simply attracted to Envelope Clutch more. Something about its unique look speaks to me more. Which would you pick?

The Pouch, $2,700

Envelope Clutch, $1,980

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