Throwback Thursday: Stars and Their Chanel Bags

Bag trends and popular bag brands ebb and flow, but arguably one of the most classic and always in vogue brands is Chanel. It’s not surprising to see that 10 years ago celebs and stars carried the coveted brand just as much as they do so today. Back in the late 2000s stars were known for carrying the trendiest of it-bags, but many still made room in their closets for the classics as well.

Though Chanel does release seasonal collections and plenty of lust-worthy novelty bags, it’s interesting to see that celebs invest in Chanel just like we do—they mostly stick to classics in neutral colors. And while some of the looks below can easily be pinpointed back to a time when the Kardashians weren’t yet a worldwide phenomenon, many of the bags below are still extremely relevant to this day. Let’s take a step back in time and look at celebs’ favorite Chanel bags from the 2000s.

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