Throwback Thursday: Celebs and Their Dior Bags

The 2000s were a big decade for bags. Brand’s launched it bag after it bag, and both celebs and everyday bag lovers lined up in droves to get their hands on the next big one. Dior’s fan-favorite Saddle bag was one of those icons. Its popular Saddle bag was launched back in 2000 at the Spring/Summer 2000 runway show. Celebs loved Dior in the 2000s, and though many toted their belongings around in the brand’s popular bags, it was also quite common to see stars sporting tees that read ‘J’ADIOR’, or donning Dior’s iconic trotter monogram print.

When it comes to the bags, Dior was (and is!) wildly popular among stars and music moguls like Paris Hilton, Missy Elliot, Mischa Barton, Rihanna and more. Though celebs did adore the Saddle bag as we know and love it today, a roomier and more relaxed version of the Saddle was a favorite amongst the celeb set as well. Take a look below at what we were able to dig up deep in the archives. Do you remember any of these bags?

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