Three Teas To Help Ease You Into Cold Weather

Okay, what just happened? In a blink of the eye we went from sunshine and shorts to classic sweater weather. And while these chillier days are still wonderfully autumnal, they call for a different type of tea. Is it officially time to pack away the iced tea and break out your favorite mugs and coziest teas? Almost. We have three teas that will help you effortlessly ease into Fall’s cooler weather.


Gunpowder green tea could be one of the most underrated teas on our site. Named for its gunpowder-like smell and appearance, this green tea has a slightly smoky flavor. You can enjoy this tea as is, or you can try it with mint in our Moroccan Mint blend. Inspired by a traditional Moroccan tea service, this tea’s blend of mint flavors will perk you up on the gloomiest of fall days. No matter how you enjoy your Gunpowder, you’ll be delightfully surprised by how this green tea veers from traditional green tea.

White Winter Chai

So the name includes the word “Winter,” but that doesn’t mean it can’t be an amazing Fall tea, too! Tali’s Masala Chai and Pumpkin Spice Chai are obvious tea choices for the season, but for a mellower and cozier take on chai, White Winter Chai is an awesome choice. White Winter Chai features many of the same spices found in a classic chai drink, but with a white tea base. The white tea isn’t too overpowering, giving the spices room to shine!


When you think of cold-weather teas, you probably imagine something with a black tea base, like Earl Grey or English Breakfast. Just like White Winter Chai, Butterscotch has a white tea base and is still a wonderful choice for cooler weather. You won’t believe this tea doesn’t have any added sugar. The creamy-sweet flavors taste exactly like its namesake candy. Make this tea even cozier by adding a splash of steamed milk and a hint of sugar, honey, or agave. We used our go-to iced latte recipe with Butterscotch and were blown away by how delicious it was!

If you’re looking for even more tea-spiration, check out our guides to pairing your favorite books, rom-coms, family movies, and scary movies to tea. 

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