Pair Your Favorite Scary Movie With A Tea!

Few things are better or cozier than a night in with a cup of tea and a book or movie. We know that this lazy-night-in is a favorite of many of our tea drinkers, so we love to find the perfect books or movies to go with our teas. We’ve paired family classics, literature, and rom-coms, but what about scary movies? See which tea you should brew next time you want to get a spook! (Be careful not to spill, though!)


Turn an average night in into something spooktacular with Beetlejuice-inspired smoothies. You can check out our go-to Matcha smoothie for the base of your smoothie. Top your bright green Matcha drink off with gummy worms and a Twizzler straw for a movie night dinner that tastes amazing! 

Sleepy Hollow

There’s probably a good reason why the headless horseman chose a pumpkin to sit atop his neck. Maybe it’s because the aroma and flavors of pumpkin are deliciously sweet and spicy! Enjoy the story of Ichabob Crane while drinking Pumpkin Pie, a caffeine-free tisane that features the decadent flavors of your favorite holiday dessert. Did we mention it’s calorie-free? No need to feel guilty about this tea! Though you might feel bad about watching this movie when it comes time to fall asleep…

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Is there anything more Christmas-y than peppermint flavors? We don’t think so. And we’ll take any excuse to drink more Dark Chocolate Peppermint. Steep a pot of Dark Chocolate Peppermint and add a splash of Bailey’s if you dare (and are over 21!) before watching Tim Burton’s iconic holiday film. Sing along to Jack Skeleton and Sally while delighting your palate with the classic combination of chocolate and mint.

The Mummy

This frightening film (and its recent remake!) about a group of  adventurers plagued by a mummy’s curse might keep you up all night. We suggest watching this horror flick set in the vast deserts of Egypt with a caffeine-free tisane that captures the essence of the setting. Egyptian Chamomile is soothing, comforting, and delicious. Make a cup and snuggle up to watch what happens when a mummy’s tomb is disrupted.

What are your favorite scary movies? Whatever you’re watching as Halloween approaches, make sure you’re enjoying it with a warm cup of tea!

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