The Ultimate International Price Guide: The Chanel Classic Flap Bag

Editors Note: This price guide was originally published in 2015, and is one of the most visited posts on our site. Today we’ve updated it to reflect the most up to date pricing information available.

Although plenty of information factors into the purchase of any particular bag, there’s one fact that likely holds more sway than others for almost all shoppers: price. In our Ultimate Bag Guides, we give you a look at how popular bag designs are priced by size, but that information was always limited to the American market and US dollars—until now. We’re in the midst of building an easier way for consumers to compare prices in different markets around the world, but we wanted to go ahead and get the ball rolling with a price guide for one of the most iconic bags in the world: the Chanel Classic Flap Bag.

If you’re looking for information on dimensions, size names, leathers or hardware, the Classic Flap’s Ultimate Bag Guide is the place to look; as a supplement to that, we’ve created an international price guide for eight prominent global fashion markets, which you can find below. Because Chanel Classic Flap Bag prices can be hard to find, we’ve done our best to find the most accurate pricing information for each size, in each market. If you have a more up-to-date price for one of the sizes listed, please let us know.

All prices listed below are for the Classic Flap in its three most common materials: lambskin, caviar or patent leather. Prices for each country are listed in local currency. Happy shopping.

Chanel Mini Flap Prices
Last Updated: April 2020

Country Extra Mini Regular Mini Square Mini
USA n/a (last updated 2018 now discontinued) $3500 $3200
Canada $2700 (last updated 2018 now discontinued) $4250 $3725
UK £1405 (last updated 2018 now discontinued) £2730 £2400
France €1600 (last updated 2018 now discontinued) €3050 €2680
China ¥15800 (last updated 2018 now discontinued) ¥25200 ¥22100
Japan ¥302400 (last updated 2018 now discontinued) ¥394900 ¥346500
Singapore $3130 (last updated 2018 now discontinued) $4900 $4310
Australia $2950 (last updated 2018 now discontinued) $5190 $4560

Extra Mini


Rectangular Mini


Square Mini


Chanel Classic Flap Prices
Last Updated: April 2020

Country Small Medium Jumbo Maxi
USA $5200 $5800 $6400 $6900
Canada $6350 $7175 $7950 $8650
UK £4080 £4620 £5110 £5560
France €4550 €5150 €5700 €6200
China ¥37600 ¥4260 ¥47100 ¥51200
Japan ¥585200 ¥660000 ¥735900 ¥798600
Singapore $7310 $8270 $9160 $9960
Australia $7740 $8760 $9700 $10550









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