The Summer Dresses I’m Loving and the Bags I’d Pair Them With

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved wearing dresses. You can ask my mom, who loves to tell the story of how I came home from my first day of preschool at the age of three and proudly proclaimed “Mommy, I’m interested in looking my best at all times from now on”. Ever since my bold declaration, I have tried to hold strong to my word and get dressed in a way that makes me feel confident and amazing every single day.

For me, feeling my best means wearing a dress. I like pants occasionally, but dresses make me feel so beautiful, not to mention how versatile and comfortable they are to wear. Printed, monochromatic, mini, midi, and maxis—I love them all. Easy to dress up or down, dresses are just effortless. The only thing left to do after throwing on a dress is accessorize it, which is obviously my favorite part of getting dressed—a sentiment that I’m sure will resonate with other purse lovers.

This summer I have been shopping online more than usual and have found myself adding dress after dress to my (many) carts. For the first time, I have more dresses in my cart than bags. There are just so many cute dresses this summer. Maybe it’s my desire to get outside and put on real clothes, but I’ve been eager to put on a dress even if it’s just for a grocery store run. I recently have fallen in love with Loveshackfancy dresses, which have a whimsical, feminine, and playful aesthetic to them.

Read on below for a glimpse into my real life shopping cart. These are the dresses on my summer wishlist and I’ve added the bags I would wear with them. I think these dress and bag combos make perfect pairs, and I’m definitely lusting over these fabulous duos.

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