A Roundup of the Indie Bags I’m Loving Right Now

Three months ago, when pandemic related lockdown protocols were put into place, small brands everywhere took a huge economic hit. Suddenly many businesses found themselves close to collapse and ecosystems of artists, creators, and designers were struggling to make ends meet. It was then that I decided to switch gears and put my money towards supporting small indie brands while I still had some discretionary income.

I shared with you some of my favorites in the 10 Bag Brands That Need Your Support round up back in March. Now I’m back with a few mini reviews on some of my favorite pieces so far, with the hope of introducing some new, cool brands to the community, and providing helpful insight to make sure you find the right one for you!

For each review I tried to capture an overall shot, a shot with my admittedly massive phone—an iPhone XS Max—for size reference, and a close up detail shot of the material. Let’s go!

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