The Best Bags Under $600, Summer 2020 Edition

The idea of summer right now may be hard to comprehend, trust me, I know. It’s either that or summer remains constantly on your mind—a pipe dream of sorts, a mystical future world that exists only in your head. I think about these better days ahead and I find comfort in knowing that every interaction, every hug, every moment that comes after will become a cherished memory in 5, 10—20 years. As we all come out of this I have faith we’ll hold even the most mundane memories close to our hearts.

While we’ve covered spring and summer bag trends over the last couple of months, we’ve yet to take a good look at the contemporary set. Well get your eyes ready, because SS20’s Under $600 options are good, they’re really good!

Indie and contemporary bag brands have led the way in this category as our selection below indicates. If there’s a trend you want to try or you’re just looking for something a little different, we’ve got you covered! You no longer have to pay four figures to get a seriously stylish, new bag that’s of good quality, but also won’t break the bank. Below we found over a dozen to pick from, all under $600.

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