Louis Vuitton Has Repurposed Its Workshops to Make Face Masks

The affect that COVID-19 has had on our world is truly profound and oftentimes unimaginable. Public health, our communities and our economies have all been threatened, and while there are many industries that are suffering during these times, the fashion and retail industry has been hit especially hard. Still, some of our favorite brands and companies are dropping everything they can to help. It’s both inspiring and heart-warming to witness at a time when it’s easy to lose hope, and this week news broke that fashion’s army was getting just a little bit bigger.

Yesterday, Louis Vuitton announced that it had begun a new relief effort to help provide aid during the current global pandemic. Using 5 workshops located in various locations in France, the company has begun producing protective, non-surgical masks that will be provided to protect frontline healthcare workers.

This response followed the French government’s call to action for an increased production of alternative non-surgical masks to help fight the battle against Covid-19. According to a press release from the brand, this initiative will utilize 300 of the brand’s artisans to help create the masks, which have been approved by the French government.

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