Stock up on Cozy Must-Haves at Nordstrom’s Spring Sale

We’re nearing the end of week 3 in quarantine, and while time seems to be going by pretty slowly, still, it’s going and I’m pleasantly surprised that it is already Thursday. I’ve been away from my apartment (and my closet) this entire time and while I have plenty of athleisure and comfortable clothes in my closet at home I don’t have all that many options here with me. I packed in a frantic, dazed rush, unsure of how long I’d be gone for and what exactly I’d need.

I’ve yet to wear any of the 3 bodysuits I tossed in (where did I think I was off to?!) or my skinny jeans. I have, however, given my grey joggers one too many wears and since moved on to sporting a pair of my mom’s sweatpants this week.

While many see this as a time not to be shopping and spending there are a few things I’m in the market for, with loungewear and a comfortable pair of slippers or slides being on the top of my list. Nordstrom is having a spring sale and it’s the perfect time to stock up on some cozy necessities as we all prep for another month at home. Discover more now via Nordstrom or shop our picks below!

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