Smoothie for Supporting Gut Health and Immunity

No matter what the season or our unique phase of health, it’s key to nourish our digestive system.

Nourishing and supporting our gut health is key to regulating blood sugars, supporting our immune function, and the absorption and utilization of the nutrients we consume through our diet.

This smoothie contains all whole food ingredients that support your digestive health! From kefir which is a fermented probiotic beverage, yogurt, ground flax seeds which are rich in fiber, beans which are a great source of soluble fiber, and berries which are loaded with antioxidants to reduce inflammation.

Happy Healthy Gut

It’s no secret that what we eat has a significant impact on our health and it’s been shown that gut health can influence other areas of our health, like our immune systems. The gut microbiome “trains” our immune systems by communicating with our cells about how to respond to infection so having a healthy gut is imperative to overall immune system health.

Our bodies contain around 3-5 pounds of bacteria in our digestive system and the bacteria cells in our body even outnumber human cells 10 to 1. Our digestive systems are also home to yeast and it is important to maintain a good balance between the bacteria and the yeast present for our digestive systems to function at their normal level.

So how do you support your body for better gut health? First, check with your dietitian or doctor so they can get you on a nutrition and lifestyle plan that will support your unique needs. Nutrition Stripped offers wellness coaching for those who need support.

Otherwise, try incorporating more fermented foods into your diet like kimchi, kefir, and kombucha that may promote a healthy gut environment. If you’re eating the Standard American Diet, it’s likely you’re not getting enough probiotic-rich food to support a healthy gut. In addition, be sure to manage stress, move your body, and check-in with your unique hunger and fullness levels as we teach in The Method.

Gut Health Supportive Smoothie | Nutrition Stripped

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