PurseForum Roundup – March 23

Community is needed now more than ever, so we’re more than excited to start highlighting some of the latest happenings in our forums! It’s there that our members are discussing everything from shopping to the latest bags to personal issues to current events. These roundups feature pictures by our TPFers with their very own bags. So, with that beings said, let’s wrap up this very stressful week with nothing other than BAGS!

First up, Chanel! In the “Which is your absolute favourite Chanel bag in your collection and why?” thread, member Sylly shares her amazing iridescent Caviar Classic Flap with champagne gold hardware. You can check it out here.

The Bottega Veneta Forum had a very purple reveal that user JenJBS posted over on the “My First BV Bag! Reveal!” thread. Congrats on your first BV we’re hoping you get to wear her soon.

We also have one of my favorites to watch right now, the “‘Sheltering in Place’ with Hermès” thread where user Aisham shared her beautiful Rouge de core Birkin and Anemone Kelly. You can find her full post here.

Another reveal over at Givenchy on the “Post pics of your Givenchy Antigona .. Everything about Antigona!” thread. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous Antigona LittleLuxe! You can find the full post here.

Over at the Louis Vuitton forum, I checked in with the “Pics of your Louis Vuitton in action” thread and loved the Montaigne BB that user Sandra.AT posted. We’re longing for the outside too baby! To see more head here.

Since I know a lot of people aren’t shopping right now I decided to check out some family photos over at the “Post Pics of Your Mulberry Family“. I totally fell in love with this cute little collection posted by member Gringach. Believe it our not there’s more to her collection and you can click here to see it in full.

And if you want to partake in some other interesting threads, here’s a handful that are really active right now. Our members love chatting about the Royals, especially all things Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Another great escape is talking about your favorite TV shows, and there’s a thread for every show and movie. Of course, many are talking about Coronavirus and there’s something helpful about having a community to talk to through this incredibly hard time.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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