Loving Lately: the Row Half Moon Shoulder Bag

Pastel bags are in for spring 2020 (more on that later), and while I typically stick to light neutrals during the warmer months like beige and off-white, this spring there’s one cute and colorful bag that I just can’t seem to get my mind off of. Enter: The Row Half Moon Shoulder Bag. The yellowy-pastel hue of this bag stole my attention immediately and though it’s incredibly simple, I want everything about this bag.

While we don’t cover The Row as often as we cover other brands, it’s still a brand that we pay attention to. Known for its quality, yet often nondescript bags, the brand makes stylish bags that often fly under the radar. If you’ve been following our #StayHomeWithBags series over on instagram, Megs recently shared one of her bags by The Row, which oddly enough, also happens to possess a pastel yellow tone.

Struck by its easy, yet cool and unique shape, I can’t exactly recall where I first saw this bag. It might have been on instagram, but it’s also possible I stumbled upon this little lady while researching for another post. Either way I’m still thinking about this bag.

It’s so simple, yet everything about it is of the moment. From its shoulder bag style silhouette to the clean and minimalist overall vibe, this bag reflects the ’90s era movement currently happening in fashion. And while it’s trendy, it also possesses a classic feel that I truly adore. While its yellow hue is one I wouldn’t typically go for, it’s muted enough to work as a neutral, yet still provides a bit of a pop to my wardrobe.

The Row Half Moon Bag is crafted in Italy from a soft leather calfskin with a suede-lined interior. Overall dimensions are 8″ L x 13.5″ W x 2.5″ D. Purchase for pre-order via MATCHESFASHION.com for $1,290.

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