Louis Vuitton Escale Collection Is Available Online Now

Brands are trying to figure out how to manage remaining ‘open’ and pushing out new product during this unprecedented worldwide pandemic. While brick and mortar stores are closed, online stores for majority of companies remain open and people have taken to the internet for everything while we spend more time at home; from news to virtual parties with friends to online shopping of course. Though many are spending their online shopping looking for home school activities, household necessities, and small items to keep themselves feeling sane, luxury brands will continue to offer what they do best: luxury.

There was some confusion when the much-hyped and anticipated Louis Vuitton Escale Collection would be released. There was talks of everything being pushed back to June but Louis Vuitton decided to release this collection online now, offering every soon-to-be-collector-item available immediately.

The collection is defined by a Tye-dye like effect, in either a pastel rainbow combination, a blue and white combination, or a red and pink option. There’s everything from bags to clothing to small accessories to some home items as well. Of course some of the larger bags are the most sought after, like the Louis Vuitton Onthego, but there are small items that are priced more reasonably that are equally as nice.

This collection is a happy reminder of a different time, a time where we will all leave our houses again to feel the warm sun on our faces without worries of catching this horrible virus, or vacations with family and friends where we can dine out and laugh and hug. You don’t need anything like this to feel that way, but man, I do find this collection to deliver the right amount of happiness in an otherwise tumultuous time.

Because all stores are closed, the entire collection lives online right now which may give you more of a chance to grab an otherwise very hard to find item. Majority of items can still be added to cart at this time, so grab something now if you want a piece of this collection. Shop the entire Louis Vuitton Escale collection now.

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