Lavender Essential Oil – Benefits and Usage

Lavender Essential Oils  – Benefits and Usage. This is part of a series of articles that describes the benefits and characteristics of different scents and essential oils. We hope this helps you choose the appropriate essential oil products for your usage. 

Lavender is one of the most popular scent for personal care and aromatherapy products. Lavender has a beautiful, versatile aroma. It is anti-bacterial and is a must-have for your first-aid kit. Its calming and sedative properties make lavender essential oil a wonderful oil to help relax, fight stress and to promote sleep. And when properly diluted, it’s amongst the safest of essential oils.

Lavender essential oil is a floral that also does well with men, especially when combined with other oils. For men’s blends, try blending lavender oil with oils from the citrus, mint and conifer families.

Lavender essential oil is well known for its sedative properties and for its ability to help calm stress and anxiety and to help promote sleep. If used in excess, however, lavender oil can actually act as a stimulant.

Lavender essential oil contains bacteria killers and sebum regulators to bring skin to a state of harmony. This means it helps to keep pores clean of buildup but also fights acne and breakouts. One of the primary contributors to adult acne is bacteria. We transfer it to our skin all the time on accident – when our hair falls into our face, when we scratch, when we wrap our favorite cozy scarf around our neck – but thankfully we have the perfect thing to help keep acne at bay.

Lavender essential oil is also a great oil to use for children’s minor cuts and scrapes because it is anti-bacterial, calming and is considered safe enough to use with children when diluted adequately.

Lavender essential oil also assists with headache relief. Headaches are quite common, but their severity can range from mildly uncomfortable to extremely painful. Some people struggle with them more than others. Many medicines and remedies can help to varying degrees, and lavender oil is one of them.

Studies have shown that inhaling lavender oil can significantly reduce headache pain for about fifteen minutes. It encourages relaxation and works as an anti-anxiety remedy, an anticonvulsant, and as a sedative. It is particularly effective when mixed with peppermint oil and rubbed on the temples and back of the neck.

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