Introducing: Stay Home With Bags

Over the years, I’ve amassed a lot of bags, and I mean A LOT of bags. I recently decided I needed to part with some, and just as I was getting ready to take proper inventory and assessment of my closet, our world changed. I see many people who have taken this time at home to organize and clean, and while I’d love to have more time to do that, I constantly find myself juggling my work, my kids, my house, and my mental sanity. It hasn’t been easy for any of us, and every person’s life right now is impacted in some way. We’re all in this storm together but riding in different boats. We all feel unsure, but I think it’s a time we can practice empathy, compassion, and kindness toward ourselves and others while we all navigate our new normal.

When it comes to our business, I want to continue to provide you with new content. It’s hard, as our typical set up is now not viable. We can’t pull bags from brands to photograph, we can’t go places or see people as we typically do, we’ve had to cut back on some of our contributors, and at times it feels impossible to go on normally when our lives aren’t normal. I wanted to do something different during this time, something that still was true to the core of our site while also providing a reprieve from the heaviness in the world. What I have finally done is taken this time to get back to my bag collection and tell you the story of some of the bags I own.

Though I rarely share photos or videos of myself, I decided to yank the bandaid off and open up. Now is the time to connect with people more, and I wanted to do so while staying home and talking about something I love: designer bags. I started this on Instagram (I’m already on day 21, but wanted to share everything here so you can see everything on as well). Introducing my new series: #stayhomewithbags.

Starting on April 1st, I have picked a different bag from my collection to take photos, share a mini review, and also film a short video. This is a time where shopping our closets is more pertinent than ever and many of you have asked me over the years to share more of my bags. Each of my bags has a backstory, and each day I am going into my closet and pulling out a bag to tell you more about it. It’s a way for us to share our passion together (I’ve had so many lovely people reach out to chat with already) and I want to be sure you can find all of the information here and not miss out. Of course you can follow along on Instagram, but I will be sharing all of the bags and stories here as well. Vlad and I have been talking about starting a YouTube channel about bags, and this may finally be the time that I decide to do so!

I hope you are safe, well, and enjoy this series! If you have similar bags to the ones I am sharing, you can always upload a picture right in the comments of the post in this new category, so we can chat together. Vlad and I feel so thankful to have such a great community on PurseBlog and PurseForum to connect with at this time. Community is always important, but now it is more than ever before! Stay home (if you’re able), stay safe, and stay well everyone!

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