Does Online Consignment Shopping Take Away from the Handbag Buying Process?

When I asked Megs and Kaitlin to write about the pros and cons of consignment shopping versus brick-and-mortar boutiques, it was weeks before the inevitable COVID-19 outbreak. In a matter of days, life as we know it undeniably shifted. Beloved local restaurants shuttered across the country (and world), as well as gathering spaces – be it movie theaters, entertainment venues, parks and beaches, workout studios, and beyond – that many of us hold near and dear to our hearts.

This crisis knows no bounds. It has and will continue to affect everyone, everywhere. And with that, I know many of you want to maintain some sort of normalcy, as we all face an uncertain future and adapt to countless days at home. I hope through this trying time we won’t lose what makes us sparkle. At PurseBlog, our love and affinity for luxury leather goods is something that brings light, laughter, and fun to our day-to-day lives.

While I am weary to shop at all right now, I’m a firm believer in browsing for the soul! Scrolling handbags is a safe space – truly one of the only platforms on the web where a coronavirus article won’t pop up. Sometimes it’s healthy (and necessary) to disconnect.

With that being said, online shopping – especially through consignment giants such as Fashionphile, StockX, The RealReal, Rebag, Ann’s Fabulous Finds, and Yoogi’s Closet – is more relevant than ever. Considering most of us will spend the next weeks (or months) homebound, the only way to *potentially* get a handbag fix is through an online purchase. (I imagine shipping will be slowed, depending on how this outbreak develops. Most likely, it will still be possible to make an online purchase.)

But does buying online take away from the handbag shopping experience? I know we don’t have a choice right now, but when life, presumably, returns to normal, we’ll have the opportunity to peruse designer boutiques, sip champagne, and try on various handbags before making a purchase. Oh how I will never take that (or anything else) for granted again.

However, when shopping consignment, all of that disappears. Instead, you’re banking on the fact that you’re buying a bag at a fraction of the price. Of course, there are exceptions. Some online consignment shops have opened pop-up stores in major cities, including New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. Though they may not offer as luxurious of an experience compared to a boutique, it’s still the next best thing.

How important is the experience when buying a handbag? Does it really matter, or ultimately, is it just about the bag? Personally, I’d choose to pour myself a glass of wine and shop online – knowing I’m about to save major cash through purchasing second-hand – versus spending double (or even triple) the amount on a brand-new pick at a boutique.

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