Best Handbag Practices to Keep Your Bags Clean

We’ve all taken our health for granted at different times in our lives, and right now our personal health and that of those around us is top of mind for everyone. We’ve talked about Coronavirus and its impact, and want to bring you fresh content that speaks to what is happening in the world right now and how it relates to our tiny corner of the internet.

It’s said we check our phones on average 80 times a day and that means our handbags are having a lot of hands-on time. On top of that, we place our bags on different surfaces, picking up what was left there before. No one can live or operate in an entirely clean and germ free environment at all times, but there are ways we can change some habits to make our handbags cleaner both inside and out.

Guys, our handbags are dirty, very dirty. If you want to learn more, and be a bit grossed out, read this article. This study showed that the handle is the dirtiest part of the bag and carries more bacteria than the average toilet seat. We’ll be following up with another post on how to clean your bag, but for now here are more facts and ideas on how to keep your bags cleaner.

Here are some facts about the Coronavirus’s lifespan on objects:

  • Plastic: up to 3 days
  • Glass: up to 5 days
  • Stainless Steel: 72 Hours
  • Wood / Cardboard/ Paper: 24 hours
  • Copper: 4 hours
  • Fabric: unknown
  • Air: 3 hours

(Source, source)

With that being said here are some ways to reduce your risk:

Reduce Risk: Inside Your Bag

– Your handbag is not the best place to store food so try to avoid this as much as possible. Even if its wrapped, it is very easy for it to come in contact with bacteria already existing in your purse.

– Do not carry shoes in your bag. If you have to, have a separate washable designated bag to seal and carry them.

– Lotion bottles and hand cream containers been discovered as the most germ covered items in our bags. Consider leaving them at home and sanitize them often to be safe.

– Break out your pouches! Separate items that have high contact like your phone, wallet, cards, and keys from your other items, especially cosmetics and medications.

– Avoid storing used tissues and other trash in your bag or pockets, but if you must you should have a designated, disposable or easily washable pouch for them.

– Sanitize your items BEFORE putting them into your bag and make a routine out of it. If your bag will allow you to do so, pull out the lining and vacuum it. If you can, gently wipe it with a damp soapy cloth.

– Now is the perfect time to declutter: the less you carry, the less surfaces have the potential to be contaminated.

– Drinking lots of water can aid in keeping your immune system strong, so finding a portable water bottle with a protected mouth area is great so that it can’t be exposed to other items in your bag.

– Invest in a washable bag liner, especially if your bag’s lining is too sensitive to clean. If you even have two in rotation, you can use one while the other is getting cleaned.

Reduce Risk: Exterior Of Your Bag

– Research has found that your handbag’s handle carries more bacteria than the average toilet seat, so consider carrying a crossbody bag as it may offer less contact with your hands. You can also wrap your handle in a washable scarf.

– Keep bags off public areas. We all try to do this regularly, but this could mean hanging your bag on a coat rack or your lap versus placing it on a chair or the ground. You could also use a purse hook.

– Even in your home, create clean spots designated for your bag and your bag alone. Preferably near your home’s entrance or in a specific spot in the closet, that way your bags do not contaminate your other surfaces.

– If you have a handbag raincoat, consider using it as an extra barrier. You can also carry it with you and open it up and use it as a mat if you need a clean area to temporarily set your bag down. You could then have a clean, extra bag to seal it inside of when you’re done so that too doesn’t come into contact with anything else in your bag.

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