25% Off Sitewide at Nordstrom Right Now

This is an odd post to share, as we all are facing uncertainty in many facets of our lives, but at the same time our lives continue to go on. A lot of people wonder how to proceed, because business is not business as usual. But, there are still items we need, gifts we want to give, and even things we want to purchase to make us feel just a little bit better.

Nordstrom closed down its brick and mortar stores, but in an effort to help are offering 25% off sitewide. I know, it feels almost crass to share and of course the retail giant will be hurting as well and wants to bolster sales, but I do think parts of our lives need a bit of normalcy. This coming Saturday we had a birthday party we were supposed to attend and a baby shower of a soon-to-be mom friend of mine who has been trying for nearly a decade to get pregnant. I want to pick something special for her and her baby on the way. Having a large percent off doesn’t fix anything going on, but it can help a bit if there’s something you’ve been eying, wanting, or needing.

Shop at Nordstrom.com now to receive 25% off.

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