26 Things My Co-Worker and I Want From & Other Stories, H&M, and Mango Right Now

If you were to take a look through my Slack messages, you’d see a lot of the following: typical work-related convos with my team, various notes to myself, Who What Wear updates, but most importantly, links to really cute clothes. (Hey, it’s research!) Almost every day, my co-worker Avery and I send each other what we’re eyeing from our favorite retailers, which, lately, are & Other Stories, H&M, and Mango. Nine out of 10 times, the items go straight to our carts, and we’ll show up to the office the next week wearing very similar outfits. But you can’t really blame us. The brands have been killingit lately with their never-ending collections of on-trend, super-affordable items. In fact, the pieces we’ve been crushing on the past few weeks all fit in the under-$200 category, so we don’t even feel (that) bad about buying them. Want to see what made our list? Keep scrolling. 

“Not only is this a great winter-to-spring transitional piece, but it will also help us combat the unpredictable office air-conditioner.” — Anneliese

“I have these pants in green from last season, and you better believe I’m getting them in blue too. They are easy to dress up or down, which is essential for me.” — Avery

“Knit polos were spotted all over the runways for spring. This one would be super easy to style with a pair of white jeans or your favorite skirt.” — Anneliese  

“Buying loafers is like getting bangs. I might regret it later, but I am hell-bent on needing them right now.” — Avery

“My most recent Slack message to Avery went something like this (in all caps, might I add): ‘Did you know & Other Stories made swimwear?!’ Ringing in at just under $30, these pieces will make you look super chic on your next vacay.” — Anneliese

“Both Avery and I have this sweater in a variety of colors, but I’m feeling really drawn to this bright-purple version at the moment.” — Anneliese 

“I’ve learned that adding a pretty hair clip is the easiest way to spruce up a look.” — Avery

“Neutrals are becoming quite an obsession of mine, so I think it’s safe to say I need these pants.” — Anneliese 

“Some people wish they had bought two of something they love in retrospect. I’m a planner and bought two anyway. This sweater makes you want to teach ballet and also own a ranch house.” — Avery

“Avery wore this chic piece this week, and now I officially need it.” — Anneliese

“I’m in a midi dress every other day it seems like. This one had me sold as soon as I saw the puff sleeves.” — Anneliese 

“Ear party!” — Avery

“I’ll take this in all three colors, please!” — Anneliese

“This is the coziest thing I’ve ever owned.” — Avery

“Hello, little white slides that will go with my entire spring wardrobe.” — Anneliese

“Going-out-top perfection.” — Anneliese

“I’ve been getting targeted ads for a workout top that is five times the price of this one. So I’m making sure I swoop this one before everyone else catches on.” — Anneliese

“Puff sleeves and animal print? This top is definitely a winner.” — Avery

“Muscle tees are quickly becoming this season’s most-wanted item.” — Anneliese

“These are conversation-starter shoes.” — Avery

“I call this a dress for every occasion—dates, sleeping, errands, work, you name it. Throw on a crew-neck and sneakers with it, and you’ve suddenly got a skirt. The options are endless here.” — Avery

“Yes to these and yes to the matching blazer.” — Anneliese

“Our office is essentially an arctic tundra. So no, I do not have nearly enough sweaters.” — Avery

“Mango’s selection of bags is out of control right now. This one is giving me major designer vibes.” — Anneliese

“I just feel like this dress will make me feel like I’m an adult who didn’t just have peanut butter toast for dinner.” — Avery

“We love a good matching cardigan set.” — Anneliese

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