Where in the World is Phoebe Philo?

There is a list of things that play over and over again in my head. Many of them are things so ridiculous I wouldn’t dare speak them aloud. The majority of them pop into my head when I can’t sleep at night or when I’m procrastinating a task. Why is the earth round? Why am I so hungry all the time? Should I buy that vintage bag? When will Nabisco make a gluten free Oreo? Where in the world is Phoebe Philo?

Philo announced her departure from Celine in late 2017 and unlike other designers who depart their posts, she had no intensions of picking up a post at another luxury brand right away. Her departure left many fans broken-hearted, and rightfully so. Philo is one of the most influential designers of our time, leaving a profound affect on the accessories world during her time at both Celine and Chloé.

It’s been 2 years since Philo blessed fans with her talent, flying mostly under-the-radar until WWD reported rumblings of the talented designer’s current project. Sources have stated that Philo is currently working on her own collection though the exact focus and timing of this project is largely unknown, there are a few tidbits of information floating around the fashion rumor mill.

WWD also stated that the collection is said to have a focus on sustainability citing an “eco angle” with a focus on essentials. While it’s unclear if the collection will also include handbags and accessories we can all dare to dream! At a time when the future of fashion is so uncertain it’s a fair plea to argue that what the fashion world collectively needs is a future to look forward to.

And while the idea of launching any new brand, experienced designer-backed or not, seems daunting given the current market, a post COVID-19 launch might be ideal for Philo. At a time when fashion is as paired down and simple as ever, the timing may align well for Philo, whose designs often focused on minimalism and clean lines.

While Philo herself has not commented on the rumors, this is my public plea for the answer we all want—and need!—right now.

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