Throwback Thursday: Celebrities and Their Fendi Bags

Popular bag brands go through ebs and flows among consumers depending on their offerings or designs in a given season. Though Fendi is known for its iconic Italian craftsmanship and fan-favorite bags, the brand has been more popular than ever the last couple of years. The launch of Fendi’s logo mania campaign, followed by the return of the insanely popular Baguette bag, catapulted the brand back to the top. Funny enough, handbag lover’s lust for Fendi was equally as chart topping 10-15 years ago.

Fendi’s it-bags of the past are largely responsible for the brand’s popularity then as well as now—Baguette bag we’re looking at you. It’s also not surprising at all to see a third of the celebs pictured here carrying a Fendi Spy bag, which happens to be one of the most iconic it-bags of all time. Take a look at some of the other Fendi bags of the past and let us know if you remember (or own!) any of these.

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