The Best Fall 2020 Bag Pre-Orders So Far

It just became reliably summer-feeling in New York City (hello humidity), and for handbag lovers, that means one thing: designers are already beginning to thrust fall fashion in our faces. It goes with the territory, and though it’s hot out retailers have to do their best to get consumers interested in fall, as bags, RTW and accessories for the chillier months will soon be popping up online and warm-weather wears start to go on sale.

Little by little brands will tease what’s to come, and one of the most effective ways that they do this is with product listings for things we can’t have quite yet. Enter: pre-orders. Fall 2020 pre-orders have just begun to trickle in and we’ve dug through to bring you the best. Pre-orders are our first opportunity to see detailed photos and pricing of new bags, which makes pre-order season an important time for bag-buy planning, even if you don’t intend to buy anything quite yet. Nestled among these pre-orders we’ve already spotted some trends to watch for fall: chunky chains, barrel bags and soft totes are among them. Check out our finds below and let us know if you’re eyeing any of these picks.

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