The Best Bags Under $500 Available Right Now!

As a bag aficionado, I am constantly adding new bags to my collection. Last month I reorganized my closet from top to bottom, which was a very effective way to take inventory of every handbag in my collection. The bags in my wardrobe are a blend of premier designer and contemporary pieces, which forms a well rounded and versatile collection. Some of my favorite bags that I have were items that I purchased for bargain prices, which makes me love them even more. You don’t have to sacrifice impeccable quality or design in lieu of lower prices, which is a huge reason I fell in love with handbags in the first place.

I have been itching to add a new bag into the mix lately and have been online shopping more than usual (anyone else?!). I am trying to be a bit more budget conscious at the moment, so I have been sticking to bags that cost $500 or less. I have been delighted at the selection available right now, there are so many great pieces at amazing prices.

I’ve rounded up my favorite finds under $500 below. At this price point, it’s nearly impossible to resist!

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