The Benefits of Curved Social Distancing Workstations

Not all office desks are created equal. It would be foolish to pretend otherwise, especially in a post-COVID workplace. When it comes to open office solutions, we’re all pausing to reassess our current office furniture, office layout, and the way we work. It’s taking people twice the amount of time to accomplish tasks because of the extra steps required to sanitize, social distance, check-in, or set up processes to keep one healthy and safe among co-workers, not to mention the amount of mental energy it requires to train new habits in the workplace. But office furniture, including open office cubicles, is shifting to include privacy screens, attached barriers, or investments in curved social distancing workstations to make office productivity easier. When you choose full-height curved office cubicles, the workplace goes from feeling safe and collaborative to feeling like you have your own office with close, but not too close, proximity to your team.

Curved workstations have several benefits over other cubicle or workstation models. Let’s take a look at those now.

curved social distancing furniture

Desks Can Be Social Distancing Products

You think about the placement of multiple hand sanitizer stations and converting your shared coffee maker to an individual Keurig or something similar, but privacy, safety, and social distancing start with a good foundation. Curved social distancing workstations create stylish and understated safe barriers between co-workers.

Think of these cubicles as the ultimate social distancing products. Available in a variety of configurations, you can use these workstations for clusters in separate departments or floors and combine into four, six, or eight desks.

Aside from COVID-19, full-height curved office cubicles with protective screens prevent the spread of other infectious diseases, such as cold, flu, pneumonia, and stomach bugs. They allow employees to talk to each other through clear or semi-transparent screens that can be installed at any height to accommodate both traditional seating arrangements or sit-stand desks.

A warning sign that your current desk situation may not fit the bill for future work is if an employee is seated across from or next to another employee without some kind of barrier screen that is at least double overhead height. Take a moment to assess your current office furniture and make a note of where privacy screens can be installed.

curved social distancing workstation

Effectiveness of Curved Workstations

More Privacy

Social distancing workstations provide several benefits. Yes, they protect against and cut down on the likelihood of virus air particles being spread from one employee to the next. They also can increase privacy between colleagues–especially full-height curved office cubicles that come in custom colors with multiple features.

Improved Quiet and Focus

These curved social distancing workstations also offer some sound absorption and redirect, so employees don’t have to worry about listening to each other’s every word on phone conversations or in quick meetings with someone in the next cubicle.

Unrivaled Style For Open Offices

Square or rectangular cubicles are so 2019, right? With curved cubicles, you have a pleasant shape and design that does double duty for your employees. These public safety measures never looked so good. They can also work in a variety of floor play layouts, regardless of square footage.

curved social distancing furniture

Social Distancing In The Open Office

Okay, let’s talk specifics when it comes to curved social distancing workstations. These curved cubicles have privacy screens and unique shapes for social distancing in the office in style!

full-height curved office cubicles

This curved social distancing cubicle “privacy design” is 66”H so that there is sufficient shielding against coughs or sneezes. Easy cleaning? Yes, it’s included. The workstation components are made of laminate, acrylic and marker board, all easy to clean and sanitize frequently throughout the workday. For example, this is shown in a 66”H x 96” diameter workstation footprint. You can customize ideal full-height curved office cubicles for less or more privacy.

Numerous finish options are available for curved workstations so you don’t have to worry about a design that doesn’t match your current branding in your modern office. Solid colors, as well as textured and rustic woodgrain laminates, are available for the cubicle panels and surfaces. Acrylic components come in clear, frosted, light blue, orange, red, and gloss white marker board. Bleach-cleanable tackable fabrics are also available. Need an ergonomic monitor arm or power/USB desktop charger? Yes, we live in the 21st century and those are included.

There’s never been a better time to purchase or lease new office furniture that works overtime for you and your staff. Employees need peace of mind more than ever, and a new workstation design, combined with other thoughtful work policies, can help everyone feel valued within the company.

full-height curved office cubicles

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