Tap Into the Clutch Trend With These Under $150 Picks

Lusting after Bottega Veneta’s The Pouch? Yep, same. This cozy, roomy, and fashion-forward style has captured the hearts of handbag collectors around the world. Designed by Daniel Lee, the bag is largely credited with putting Bottega Veneta back on the map as well, in a new, Instagram-era way.

Available in a range of colors, materials, and sizes, The Pouch will set you back quite a bit if you decide to purchase it. (That’s not necessarily a negative, unless you’re on a budget – which it seems like many of our readers are… myself included!) The least expensive option is a coin purse version for $630, which is a tad bit small. Otherwise, the price jumps to $1,250 through $3,000 and up (depending on size and material).

One could make the connection between The Pouch’s popularity and the comeback of clutch bags. But investing in either (The Pouch or a standard clutch) is a risk, especially if you’ve never carried something similar before. Given this style typically doesn’t include any sort of handle, it requires some serious dedication to carry it around all day.

Want to assess whether or not this style will fit into your daily rotation before purchasing your own – either The Pouch or a fancy clutch? Consider a cheaper alternative. Though these bags don’t exactly mirror Bottega’s style, they’re somewhat similar – and a fraction of the cost. (Even better, some of them include handles or crossbody straps, just in case a clutch doesn’t suit your day to day.)

Plus, all of these picks are under $150. Which one are you eyeing? If I had to choose, I would go with AQUA’s Volume Clutch or Medium Black Handle Clutch.

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