PurseForum Roundup – June 19

We’re back again today with a brand new PurseForum round up for you! This week we have lots of easy to carry neutrals that every handbag wearer would love. If you’re a new reader, hello! We are glad you’re here! Every Friday we read through the forum to keep you all in on the latest and greatest tPF happenings. If you haven’t yet, now is the time to join tPF so you can get in on all the hot purse gossip! With that being said lets see what this week had in store for us…

Today we’re starting off with some vintage Chanel that was posted in “Photos of your Chanels in action…” thread the by our member phishfan. We love a good Diana shot, thanks for sharing!

Next up we have this sweet Birkin soaking up the sun that lilmonkey shared on the “POST PICS OF YOUR B35s to show some love” thread.

Sunshine mama posted this adorable LV combo in the “Pics of your Louis Vuitton in action” thread! This pic totally got me missing my old Papillon.

Member Ludmilla had me missing the great outdoors when she shared this photo of her and her suede mini Marcie in the “Your Chloe in Action!” thread.

What a great passenger member Teagaggle has! Loved seeing all the solid bags posted to the “Which COACH bag are you carrying today?” thread.

The “Who on here still adores Fendi Spy bags?” thread pays homage to one of my favorite classics and member midniteluna’s photo is just proof that I’m still in love! Thank you for sharing your beauty with us!

If you’re looking for Hermes quality without buying from Hermes, take a look at what our members recommend in the “What brand is comparable to Hermes quality?” thread. Also if you’re looking for a good laugh you should definitely check out the “Bags you don’t get” thread, maybe a bag you own will be on there! Lastly, if you’re just look for some good ole fashion eye candy the “What Handbag/Purse Are You Carrying Today?!” thread is a great place to look, especially because its not limited to a specific brand.

That’s all for this week, thank you for reading, please stay safe and well!

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