PurseForum Roundup – June 12

Hello PurseBlog family! Long time no see? We’re back with a fresh PurseForum round up for you, featuring lots of new additions and some pretty cool pastels. If you’re new to the game, welcome! Every Friday we dig deep into the forum to keep you all up to date on the latest and greatest tPF happenings. If you haven’t already, be sure to join tPF so you can get in on the conversation and connect with other purse enthusiasts. On that note, let’s go!

We’re starting off our journey into the brand new forum with an Hermès newbie. Member porbulerias shared a fresh Anemone Evercolor Mini Roulis in the “What is your latest Hermes purchase?” thread. Congrats on your new beauty!

Then, member smileygirl shared her super sweet new Dior in the “Book Tote” thread and I have to say, this may be one of my favorite versions of the bag yet. Check our our Ultimate Bag Guide to the Dior Book Tote for more options.

Another big congrats goes out to our member baninny for joining the mini club! You can find more mini goodness on the “MINI~MINI~MINI! Mini Flap” thread in the Chanel Clubhouse. Are you a mini lover too?

WOW! I’ve been obsessing over this beauty taypolo posted to the “Marmont pastel colours” thread. It truly is the most perfect shade of blue.

If you have ever been curious about Moyant our member quadmama posted a very helpful review of her new Gaby PM in the “Official MOYNAT Thread”. This one is definitely worth a read if you’re looking to expand your collection.

Recently I’ve really had my eye on the “Polène Handbags” thread, where member surveywt posted her new beige beauty. I’m glad the exchange worked out and I know I speak for all of us when I say we can’t wait to see this bag in action!

As the country slowly reopens, and we all start getting out with our best bags in tow, I hope everyone stays in good health. I’m looking forward to seeing your bags getting some much needed sun in the coming weeks! See you all next time!

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